Free Tarot Reading: ark

ark asks: “There’s a serious decision needing an answer soon enough and I am still uncertain on which option would be best for me and mine long-term. What do the cards suggest to consider to help clarify my perspective? (Thank you.)

The Fey Tarot answers: Knight of Swords.

The cards suggest that you distance yourself from the decision for a while before making the final call. There is concern that you have been inspecting the issue too deeply for too long and as a result, you have lost your bearings and perspective. You know what outcome you want to achieve, but the tunnel vision you have locked yourself into is causing you to miss contemplating more likely scenarios that will surprise you. Step away from the planning table for a while. Remind yourself what the key factors are and what are the things you will not let go. Smell some roses. Have some tea. Think on something else for a moment. Then come back to the table and look this over again with fresh eyes. Make sure what you are maneuvering to keep for you and yours is what is worth keeping in the end. (You’re welcome. Good luck.)