Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “I am interested in the sweeney cards. I would like to k ow if you see me getting pro.oted or walking away from my current job

The Wyzard of Odd tarot deck answers: Three of Cups “Lord of Abundance”.

In trying to convert your “And/Or” question into one concise query, I came up with the following to ask: “What is Anonymous’ immediate job outlook?” I had to do that because without further context, your two-shot query allowed for a wide range of responses that would be simultaneously contradictory and in agreement. For instance, you would be promoted immediately due to company concerns, and yet walk away from that new position because of personal moral concerns once you find what will be expected of you. That situation is a common one, and answers “yes” to both portions of your query.

I see you were hoping for the Sweeney Deck to answer your question, however the method by which I determine which deck to use for these single card pulls contraindicated the use of the Sweeney Deck for this particular answer as that deck’s framing of the answer would focus too much on what you stand to lose and nothing about what will remain as a result of your actions. The Wyzard of Odd’s framing of the answer was indicated to focus on what actions you could take that would place you in a better spot after the action than if you had not made any action at all.

A promotion is available, but you will have to work for it. It will not be merely granted to you. Prove yourself worthy of the promotion and ask for it when it becomes available. Will you be walking away after this? Likely not. It will be the reward for a job well done, and a job done right, so begin the process of earning that reward now.