Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Have I found my romantic life partner?

Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold answers: The Lover [VI] “Ordeal”.

Do you want them to be your romantic life partner? The card answers your question with another question because the decision of whether or not this person you are considering is The Oneā„¢ is not decided on one single action such as the flip of a card. It is decided by a multitude of successive actions, day by day, choice by choice.

This person has the potential of being your romantic life partner, but if you treat them like shit, regardless of how physically compatible they are with you, they are going to leave you and rightfully so. Just because the potential is there doesn’t mean it is guaranteed. You both have to put in the daily work to establish, mature, and maintain that romance.

And that is why this card in this deck throws your question back at you. Do you want the fruit? Tend the tree. Stay with it through the cold times, through the drought times, through the late nights and the early mornings. Stay with it through the annoying times and when you’d rather be having fun instead of sitting beside feelings you don’t understand.

This card is holding up a mirror and asking you if you have made your choice yet, and if so, why haven’t you followed through. Go follow through.