Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “May I have a reading? I need some perspective on a romantic situation. I haven’t had this kind of connection before and I’m having the toughest time letting go. Could be my scorpionic/plutonian chart, could be my stupid belief this was/is the one. She felt like *someone* she pretty much dripped with significance and I can’t shake it. Some outside commentary would be of much help? Thank you in advance…

The Fey Tarot answers: The Sun.

Of all the questions in your query, explicit and implied, the one I chose to answer was “What do you need to know about the situation, right now?” The answer is “There is too much light, and the glare is blinding.” All of your concerns have a root of validity, but all the roots have taken hold at the same time. When the noon sun is too intense, the safest route to take is out of the field and into shelter. Stop looking for reasons why she could be The One™. Even if she is, would it be right for you to compel her to take on that role? What if it is not the role she wants? Walk away from the field and come inside where you can pour yourself a cold glass of water. You need to fill your gaze with other things for a while. After a couple of days, look back over your notes with fresh eyes. Then decide if she is who you want to pursue.