Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “returning to southend

The Red Magician Tarot says: Seven of Cups.

If the question is “Should you return to southend?”, then the answer is “Why? What are you expecting and what are you avoiding?” If the question is “What will happen when you return to southend?”, then the answer is “A whole lot of bullshit.” The wool is being pulled over your eyes and you see only what you want to see. Regardless if the vision promises good or ill, what you are looking for is not what is there. If you have not made the return, you should sit down and go over the circumstances with a trusted neutral party. They will see what you are unable or refusing to see. If you have already made the return, then it’s time to go into crisis management mode. Take inventory of what you have and what is available, and above all, be honest with yourself. What you are sure is going to happen, is not what is going to happen.