Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Is there hope for this to work between we three?

The Fey Tarot answers: Five of Chalices.

Yes, there is hope, but there is work to be done. It won’t be flashy, dramatic, or even entertaining, but it will be constant, reassuring, and banal. The work will not be announced, dictated, or pontificated. It will be in the moments you are cleaning up after each other and being thankful to the ones cleaning up after you. It will be in the quiet times when one silently gives space to the other because it is understood that space is needed. It will be in the dull and boring moments after all three of you realize the relationship isn’t pretty enough for social media and no one is going to write a book about y’all but who needs another hashtag when y’all have each other. It will be a while before you three get to that point. And that’s why it’s called Work.