Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “He’s back in my life after 13 years. What does he really want?

The Bosch Tarot answers: The Hermit.

He doesn’t know yet. He’s thinking that a reconnection with you will lead him to realize his ideal, or what he thinks is his ideal. However, that tunnel vision means he will not want to see you are you are now. Be prepared to say “No” to him loud and often, and have that scythe at the ready should you need to enforce your boundaries by forcefully cutting him away from future contact. You do not owe him anything, no matter what connections you had with him then. It is not your responsibility to sort out his thoughts for him, or to justify any conclusions he may have. He may have made the choice to return, but it is always your choice if to accept him and if so, under what conditions.