Free Cartomancy Readings: July 23, 2023

Nom de Plume: Anonymous
Deck Choice: Noxporium Choice
Request: Why does my lover hide in the dreaming world?

Deck: Universal Waite Tarot (©US Games Systems, Inc.)
Card: Queen of Cups (reversed)
Interpretation: What are you not ready to face about them? It’s not so much them hiding from you, but you not willing to see something that is very important about them. If you want to see them as they area, then you have to be willing to see something that is unpleasant, and to accept that this too, is a part of them.

Queen of Cups (reversed) from the Universal Waite tarot. ©US Games Systems, Inc.

The 9 of Cups (reversed) from Lee Bradford's Sweeney Tarot. ©Lee Bradford.

Nom de Plume: Anonymous
Deck Choice: Noxporium Choice
Request: Where is my love life headed ?

Deck: Sweeney Tarot (©Lee Bradford.)
Card: 9 of Cups (reversed)
Interpretation: Immediately? Into a period where your needs will not be met. As discouraging as this sounds, it is not as bad as it is going to feel. Use this period of absence to have a sit with yourself and examine what you think your needs are, what you think your desires are, and where are you feeling a lack. If something strikes your fancy, interrogate why. You are not a hitchhiker, left with no choice but to go with the first person that looks your way. You are traveling through this under your own power, with the ability to be discerning about who accompanies you and for how long. Think through what companionship would fulfill you so that you can begin to go towards the areas of life where that companionship can be found.

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