Free Cartomancy Reading: Anonymous

Corvid Romantic Playing Cards: (unknown), Jack of Roses, & (unknown). ©Megan Weber.

Anonymous asks “Will I be making AMD soon ? Thank you!” and leaves the choice of deck up to the reader.

Zaheroux‘s Corvid Romantic Playing Cards answer: Jack of Roses (Hearts).

Short Answer: Yes.

Not So Short Answer: Yes, and if anyone tells you that it’s a bad idea to follow through with your plans, remind them that you have your own life to lead and that if you decide to make this a reality, then it is going to get made. Keep a calm head and remember why you wanted to go this way. Take care.

The Corvid Romantic Playing Cards are a “poker” deck designed and illustrated by Megan Weber. Under the name of “Zaheroux“, she showcases her nature and magic inspired artwork. Please note that the Corvid Romantic’s Feathers are read as Clubs, the Bones are read as Spades, the Crystals are read as Diamonds, and the Roses are read as Hearts. The Corvid Romantic Playing Cards are ©Megan Weber.

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