Free Card Reading: UNICATZ

UNICATZ asks: “Will my daughter’s current pregnancy result in a healthy outcome for all?”

I had to sit with this question. I had to sit with the ethics of it. I had to sit with the legalities of it. For all my skill and ability, I am not a doctor and this question is asking for a prognosis.

Also, this is not a one-card answer. It is written with the presumption that the answer is going to be either “yes” or “no”, but the subject of the question has consequences that could reverberate for years and decades. Define “healthy”. Define “outcome”. Define “all”. There are conditions that could result in the onset of sadness, but because that sadness happened then, there would be a long time of happiness after. Would that be a “yes” or a “no”? Who decides that? You? Her? Her doctor?

I cannot in good conscience read for this question. If this were a paid reading, I would have refunded your money and apologized for not meeting your expectations.

It is my hope that all goes well for you, your daughter, and her pregnancy. Be at peace.

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