Corvid Romantic: Ace of Feathers.

Free Card Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “What awaits me I go live by myself?

The Corvid Romantic Playing Cards says: The Ace of Feathers.

The deck initially answers with expected snark: “Solitude.” Which is the most obvious answer there could be given your question. However, what you do with that solitude is more important than the fact you will have the privilege to be alone in the first place. What is your purpose for moving out in the first place? Is that really what you are looking for, or are there other goals that you have not allowed yourself the pleasure of exploring?

The deck says that you need to consider those “followup” goals sooner than later, and realistically examine if your solitude will truly support those goals or distract you from achieving them. Regardless if you start fulfilling your wish list or attempt to keep your life as simple and uncomplicated as possible, this card also warns that some aspects of your life will be easier to deal with, but some will become much harder to deal with now that you have no one to blame, and no one to help, but yourself.

Please note that the Corvid Romantic’s Feathers are read as Clubs and the Bones are read as Spades.

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