Free Card Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Will my health problems ever improve ?”

To be short: I can’t answer this. For one thing, I am not a doctor and you’re asking for a medical prognosis.

Having said that, indulge me as I try to explain why this is a problematic question.

  • Define “improve”. Technically the ability to lift a pencil tomorrow when you couldn’t yesterday is an “improvement”. But is that progress enough of an improvement to meet your personal requirements? Is there a particular set of actions and/or tolerances where if you were able to do these things on a regular basis, that would count as an improvement? Ask about that marker instead.
  • Define “health problems”. Actually, don’t do that at all. Because once you bring medical concerns to the table, I am going to pack up because I am not a doctor, and even a snide comment of “Don’t do that if it hurts” could get me in trouble for practicing medicine without a license. If this were a paid reading, I would be refunding your money without question or fees. (Yes, I’ll be updating my page to reflect that medical concerns are off-limits.)
  • You’re asking a very open-ended, unbounded, and contextless question and looking for it to be answered by one open-ended, unbounded, and contextless token. Context is everything when it comes to tarot queries and responses, and while sometimes I just have to have faith that my cards are having the right conversation with the querent when the cards say something that makes me boggle, such an open ended question means I could throw spaghetti sauce on the wall and still get an answer that will appear correct to everyone else who is trying to guess the unexplained context on the screen, but be abso-fucking-lutely wrong and inapplicable to you. And you don’t deserve that.

I hope the best for you, Anonymous. And I hope that the conversation you have with your physician(s) gives you hope for later. And I hope that you have friends and support structures in place that will help you answer your own question. But please accept my apologies that I am not able to be a part of the answer.

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