Free Card Reading: Anonymous

Stairs of Gold Tarot: The Fool [0].

Anonymous asks: “What is the blessings for the rest.of the month”

Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold answers: The Fool [0].

Because your request came so late in the month, and my reading is even later, I am going to interpret the card to be what theme will a key blessing be wrapped in from the Moon’s place today (♊︎ 8° 35′) until it returns to that same degree about a month from now.

This is your chance to start over. It’s not going to feel that way sometimes. If you look to either side of your life, you will find many things to be afraid of, even to the point that you stop still in your tracks. Remember your goals, and what you are seeking to make manifest in your life. Your blessings will be hard to recognize when they are given to you if you look at how they are of use at the moment you receive them. Consider how they will help you move past the point of fear, and you will see them accumulate as you go.

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