Ace of Wands

A short column of clouds in the right side of the scene hide the point where a brilliant right hand extends from them towards the left. Gripped in the hand with a thumb up hold is a tall wood rod with three twigs still growing from it. The twigs bear leaves, and disconnected leaves appear to float around the rod. What appears to be the ruins of a keep is atop a nearby hill, while a river meanders before it passing one tree and then two others. Mountains can be seen in the far distance.

In the game of blackjack, Aces can be assigned the value of 1 or 11. The player makes the decision based on the other cards at hand, and the goal she is pursuing at the time. So it is with my interpretations. The Ace can be the seed of the suit, the concentrated source from which the other minor cards grow from. Or the Ace can be the ultimate expression of that suit, fully mature and at the end of the suit’s cycle.

As the Progenitor of Wands, this card is the egg from which dragons hatch. It is the fire of awakened will, when the desire has first seized a person but that person does not yet know what avenue to take to achieve it. It is the flush of the face when virility sees something nice. It is the first crack in an overfilled dam. It is the moment when energy has overwhelmed its container and is about to disperse in radiance.

As the Fulfillment of Wands, this card is nearly too hot to handle. The seed has sprouted, grown, matured, and is about to burst into spontaneous combustion. It is the uncontrollable wildfire, the runaway reaction, and the raging person unable to consider reason.

In matters of love, this card is almost always referring to libido and sexual desire. It can indicate when a person’s lust is clouding their thinking, but also when they are lying to themselves about having a libido at all. (Watch out for backdrafts.) In matters of business, this is the entrepreneurial drive that keeps her up at far too early in the morning plotting out how to turn a hobby into viable business.

By itself, the card is neutral. It is a tool, and it is up to the Querent how to direct and use this explosive will. Dams can be hatched. Reactions can be stopped. Temper carefully and safely, and this card will indicate a fuel source that will keep the Querent going.