7 of Wands

A man armed with a budding staff holds a defensive posture on the top of a crag. He faces the viewer, but his attention is drawn down to the (unseen) assailants brandishing six budding staffs towards him. While it seems he has the advantage by reason of being above his assailants, a sharp drop can be seen by his right foot, bringing into question if he is trapped on the outcrop of a cliff. The sky above him is empty of clouds and birds, leaving him to defend himself alone.

Though the character is the card is outnumbered six to one, he holds the vantage point and may even be unreachable by those below him. The outcome of the conflict is solely in his hands, however he must keep in mind that the consequences of his decisions will continue to affect him for long after the weapons are put away. This is a card of conflict and standing one’s ground. Some hold the Seven of Wands as a positive card, some hold it as a card of desperation. It is certainly a card of conflict.

Surface interpretation of physical competition aside, this card indicates the Querent is going to have a fight on her hands in regards to the queried situation. If in business, there will be contracts to wrestle and terms of service to hammer out. If in love, there will be heated passions (that may lead to those passions) and grand displays. If in intellectual matters, there will be table-thumping arguments that gets people kicked out of libraries. The conflict need not be between enemies. Friends and brethren can scrap just as hard even as they laugh about it.

Ill-dignified, whatever honor was on the table has been ripped up and thrown away. There is insecurity about one’s position and the reason for fighting has been lost. The aggressor is now starting shit for no other reason than they can. The surrounding cards will indicate if the Querent is at fault or merely caught up in the fray. This can also indicate fear, anxiety, and indecision, as the person responds to the Fight Or Flight impulse by wildly swinging. Regardless who is at fault when this appears, the Querent is advised to stop engaging and back away from the field if possible. It will take a calm and rational head to discern how to fix the mess.