6 of Wands

A laurel-crowned man in a rich cloak rides a horse-sheet covered prancing horse. Moving to the viewer’s right, his right hand holds a tall budding rod upright which has a laurel wreath tied near the tip. On his left (and mostly obscured to the viewer) are other celebrants. They bear an additional five budding rods upright as well, though not as high as the mounted man’s. The sky above is cloudless, and the look on the horse’s face could be interpreted as a visual statement of snark about the festivities.

Everyone loves a parade, so the cliché says. This card usually indicates that the Querent will be receiving accolades for his work, or that he will be part of a team recognized for its achievement. A very positive card that is indiscriminate about who the pomp and circumstance is for. “What ever you seek, victory is assured.” For answering Yes/No queries, this card indicates the desired outcome will be achieved, to great satisfaction. However, what it doesn’t say in that regard, is if the desired outcome was a wise one to wish/work for. Do not be quick to take this card’s summary of “Victory” and apply it to questions it did not answer.

If the Querent is expecting news, this card indicates that a formal message from a high authority will be soon received. In this context, however, the message could be cause for joy or cause for grief. It is ill-advised to take out one’s frustrations on the messenger as she will be bearing the colors of those that sent her, and an assault on her will be translated into an assault on the authorities that sent her.

Ill-dignified, the card speaks of empty victories and paper achievements, where to the outsider it appears that all is well, but nothing of worth has been actually gained and the celebrations are forced under threats. Here also is fear of anything external to the Querent, of news, people, and changes in one’s situation, and the spoiling of hope into that bitterness that sours deep.