6 of Cups

In a European village setting, two young children stand among flowers. Both are bundled up against the cold, though the younger girl wears mittens while the boy does not. He is offering a chalice nearly half his size to the girl. She looks up at him in warmth. The chalice he holds, the chalice sitting on the low wall behind him, and the four chalices framing the bottom of the card all have flowering plants potted in them. On the corner of the low wall is engraved a shield with a plain “X” crossing the field. A home with windowed attic and a two-story tower stand in the background under the cloudless sky. Along the cobblestone path of the low wall, a man is seen receding in to the distance bearing a spear.

Ah, nostalgia. Remember when? The smell of fresh-baked pies in the kitchen. The sound of cicadas on a summer night. A memory of her perfume reminds you of other scents. Sweet nostalgia. Remember then? The cliché says hindsight has perfect vision, but the cliché doesn’t make room for the ways we deceive ourselves with our memories. Rose-tinted glasses distort what hindsight examines. We remember what we want to remember, regardless if it is the truth or not.

A generally positive card with a warning just below the surface. Remember when, remember then, but remember the good and the bad. Don’t allow the fondness of what happened to hide the hurts. And don’t allow the hurts to smother the laughter. Dignity and spread position can indicate the memories invoked by this card are still in the making. It can signify the current moment as being one of great importance to the Querent, and one that will mark a new chapter in the Querent’s life.

Ill-dignified, the memories are being dangerously distorted from what actually happened, or the Querent has become so lost in yesteryear, he is losing his place in the present. This self-blindness is crippling the Querent, and allowing him to be led by others who may, or may not, have his best interests at heart. If the cards indicate this is a future memory being made, then the ill-dignified 6 of Cups warns of deception, if not by the Querent to himself personally, then by those that are influencing how this moment is taking shape. Either way, it is strongly advised the Querent has someone outside of the situation take a good look at the circumstances. A neutral third-party view will disperse the deceptions.