48 Baraja Española Cards

The 48 naipe set of my Baraja Española meanings can be broken up into 3 categories. The Ones through Sevens of each suit are Las Escenas, the scenes in which life is experienced. The Tens, Elevens, and Twelves of each suit are Las Personas, and represent specific type of people in the Querent’s life. The Eights and Nines of each suit are Los Espíritus, the spiritual influences in the Querent’s life. Depending on the Querent’s worldview, they can be representative of the Querent’s subconscious and drives. Or they can be representative or messengers of the Querent’s personal pantheon. The meanings are such that removal of Los Espíritus from the deck does not weaken the utility of the remaining cards.

Las Escenas de los Bastos (Clubs)

  • 1: Distance. Increase.
  • 2: Nearness. Decrease.
  • 3: Cohort and the tools needed by them. Change in effect.
  • 4: Endurance or completion.
  • 5: Wisdom and/or experience.
  • 6: Despair. Inability to cope.
  • 7: Work, profession, vocation, co-workers (including interns).

Las Escenas de los Oros (Gold)

  • 1: Triumphs, success, victory.
  • 2: Rivalry, debts, competition.
  • 3: Income, fecundity, success.
  • 4: Material wealth, prosperity.
  • 5: Public matters in general.
  • 6: Difficulties & trials, fears.
  • 7: Harvest, receiving one’s due.

Las Escenas de las Espadas (Swords)

  • 1: Legal matters. Details.
  • 2: Revelations, uncovering secrets.
  • 3: External interference or power struggles.
  • 4: Hidden problems, fraud.
  • 5: Fate, Destiny, and the challenging thereof.
  • 6: Overthinking and circular reasoning.
  • 7: Conflict. Antagonizing.

Las Escenas de las Copas (Cups)

  • 1: House & Home. Nostalgia.
  • 2: Emotional union. Children.
  • 3: News & messages, often unexpected.
  • 4: Instincts, emotional reasoning.
  • 5: Joy & celebrations. (Also: Jealousy & spite.)
  • 6: Overwhelming emotions.
  • 7: The satisfaction from work well done.

Las Personas

  • Bastos
    • 10: “The Passionate” Intense about and upon the focus of his attention. Everything is examined.
    • 11: “The Mystic” Charismatic, deeply spiritual, (cult) leader. But also fickle and easily bored.
    • 12: “The Veteran” Been there. Done that. Survived it. Capable of doing it again.
  • Oros
    • 10: “The Socialite” Publicly popular and loved, privately ruthless and manipulative.
    • 11: “The Methodical” Mature and responsible. Takes care of the details and often plans ahead.
    • 12: “The Broker” Analytical to a fault. Has several concurrent ventures. Everything, and everyone, has a price.
  • Espadas
    • 10: “The Independent” Self-determined. Entrepreneur.
    • 11: “The Rager” Quick to anger, flips between sugar-nice and acid-rage.
    • 12: “The Despot” Authority, military bearing, tyrannical.
  • Copas
    • 10: ”The Romantic” Sappy, naive, starry-eyed optimistic.
    • 11: “The Courtesan” Mixes business with pleasure.
    • 12: “The Idealist” Sometimes the Innocent, sometimes the Fool.

Los Espíritus

  • 8 Bastos: “The Old Woman” Grants deep knowledge and wisdom. Delights in overcoming stale tradition in favor of living and vibrant spirituality.
  • 9 Bastos: “The Thunderclap” Gives explosive strength in time of need. An unexpected source of help.
  • 8 Oros: “The River” Facilitator of movement and migrations. Remover of obstacles.
  • 9 Oros: “The Seeker” A helpmeet on long quests granting endurance to meet the dedication.
  • 8 Espadas: “The Psychopomp” Smooths the way for the dead, helps to release burdens and lifts hope.
  • 9 Espadas: “The Child” Grants growth spurts to the subject of the petition. Brings laughter and excitement.
  • 8 Copas: “The Loved” Blesses with fecundity and perseverance in harsh conditions. Love for all things.
  • 9 Copas: “The Priest” Guards the mysteries and reveals only as much as the seeker can bear. Knows the unknowable.

You are free to take these meanings and use them with your readings, and free to alter them to suit your circumstances and worldview.

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