30 Days of Tarot: Day Twenty-Two

30 Days of Tarot — Day 22: Do you charge money (or other ways of compensation) for your readings/services?

I do. Because I am rendering a service, and I expect to be compensated for it.

This is a hot button for many, and I am surprised at the blinding sense of entitlement. For some people, cartomancy is a holy calling and an expression of their faith. For them to take money in exchange for reading cards is offensive. That’s good for them, and I wish them fulfillment and satisfaction.

I am not one of them.

Cartomancy is a skill that I had to learn, hone, master, and continue mastering. It is not unlike the skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair cars or computers. It is a translation from a language the Querent can not understand into a language the Querent can. Why then withhold wages from the worker because for some people, professional cartomancy is not their primary means of support?

Some claim that to receive compensation, especially in the form of money, is to betray religious ideals. To them, I ask, whose religion and whose ideal? I have to be true to myself and my personal morals. To me, taking money for performing the service of cartomancy is the same as taking money for the servicing one’s computer.

The 30 Days of Tarot Challenge was created by Ree of I Am Starstuff and can be found at the post: “30 DAY TAROT CHALLENGE“.

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