30 Days of Tarot: Day Twenty-Eight

30 Days of Tarot — Day 28: Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices?

If my family knew, they would disagree, but for different reasons.

There would be the usual charge of consorting with the Devil and summoning evil spirits. And then there would be the usual charge of being a professional scam artist, which is funny because the person most likely to say that has a phone lock because of telephone psychics services. And then there are the ones that are more angry that I am not sharing the income with them. And then there is that one person that I would refuse to read tarot for because she’s a divination addict and has been fired as a client by several readers near her already.

My friends all know. A few have asked that I not involve them, and I have complied with their request. So as far as I know, it is a non-issue with them because we are respecting each others boundaries.

A few professional acquaintances know. But as I do not bring up tarot in my work, I do not know if they have an opinion about it.

The 30 Days of Tarot Challenge was created by Ree of I Am Starstuff and can be found at the post: “30 DAY TAROT CHALLENGE“.

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