30 Days of Tarot: Day Nine

30 Days of Tarot — Day 9: What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case?

Hang on, lemme fire up this statistical doohickey…

Over the long term? I don’t. Some cards do seem to hide away, but there is no one (or two or set) of cards that can be replied upon to show itself with regularity.

Over a short term, like a stressful week or a looming important event, then I’ll get recurring cards as jumpers or repeaters in throws for other people. But once I acknowledge the hidden message or once the event is in the past, I’m back to statistical mud.

All my children are special cards have the same chance as the others of being the first card on the table. It’s only a game until it is taken seriously, and when I’m taking it seriously, I’m paying attention to possible omens and information sources long before I touch the deck. So by the time I get the deck, I’ll only see repeaters if I’m being willfully blind to everything else.

The 30 Days of Tarot Challenge was created by Ree of I Am Starstuff and can be found at the post: “30 DAY TAROT CHALLENGE“.

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