3 of Wands

A man stand facing away from the viewer, so that all we see of him is his cloak and the back of his head. The rich decorations of his cloak, and the thin circlet seen against his dark hair, gives us the impression that this man is a person of some power and ability. He stands on a high ground, overlooking a body of water in the distance. Three tall and budding staffs are planted in the ground around him. The third provides him a support to grip. Three ships can be seen sailing, though it is not clear if they are sailing into harbor or into the open ocean.

The merchant’s power has been established to satisfaction. His position now secured locally, it can be said the ships are the means to the expansion of his financial empire. The character of this card is not working against the Querent, however. This generally positive card works with the Querent to help bring about a desired outcome. It can signify cooperation with a neutral third party, or a person in authority overseeing the situation. There is a sense of warm friendship that this card can engender. It is up to the Querent if to continue the cooperation after the outcome is secured.

Ill-dignified, this card becomes “All Business”. Assistance is still available, but the Querent may have to pay a price for the mercenary intervention. And as all mercenary transactions risk, if the Querent’s opponent pays a higher price, they may find their assistance has become their greatest obstacle. Troubles that arise seemingly from nowhere, unnecessary complications, and disappointing outcomes are also indicated by the ill-dignified 3 of Wands.