3 of Pentacles

The decorated pillar of a grand edifice stand in the middle of this card and divides the view into two portions. The top of the pillar is engraved with three large upright pentacles with a crossed circle joining them in the middle. Below the three pentacles is a crossed circle appearing as a leafed rose. To the viewer’s left is the craftsman responsible. He stands on a work bench with his back to the viewer but his work apron is seen clearly. In his left hand is a chisel applied to the wall. In his right is the mallet required to use it. He is turned away from the wall and is facing the two men on the other side of the pillar. The two men, one with a monk’s tonsure and habit, the other full cloaked and hooded, are discussing the plans of the edifice with the craftsman. The cloaked man hold the plans clearly before him, as if to question a detail.

This is the card of the Master Craftsperson. Her hard work and dull toiling as an apprentice has paid off and now she is being recognized for her style of work instead of being subsumed into an impersonal brand. That’s not to say she has it easy. This is also the card of the Independent Contractor and all the aggravation that comes with it. The materials she works will be not be as difficult as her clients. Sadly, she can not apply her mallet to their forehead to correct them.

To have skill is good, but unless that skill is being put to use, it remains hidden and starts to wane. To continue being regarded as a master of his craft, he must use it, continually hone it, and seek new ways of expressing it. Ill-dignified, this card reveals the Querent to be squandering their talent by taking their talent for granted. It indicates that person that stops trying to improve themselves once they gain the accolades they think they deserve. Resting on their past achievements, they don’t notice when they have become mediocre or that what they mastered is no longer useful.

The true master remembers they are always a student.