2 of Pentacles

A youth with a tall cap appears to be caught in the act of dancing while holding a large disc in either hand. He is focused on the lowered left hand and the disc it holds while his right hand is holding a disc up to balance the move. He does not appear to notice the two discs are surrounded by the two sections of a lemniscate. (He could also be using the lemniscate at part of his play.) The sky is cloudless but the seas are literally rolling in the far distance. Two ships are seen, one in full sail and intact, another with stripped masts.

Balancing, not balance. This is not a static state, but an ever shifting, ever adjusting, flow of movement. It can be serious as the crews on the ships depicted on the card would be hardpressed to use what was not strapped down to the deck to constantly adjust the ship’s center of gravity to prevent capsizing. It can be pleasurable as the dancing figure implies. It is certainly not standing still.

This neutral card is given its hue by the cards referring to it. If paired with a contentious card, then the Querent will have the joy of settling that contention personally. If paired with a card of good cheer, the Querent should be reminded to enjoy themselves, but to maintain a sober mind. If the paired card implies a certain rigidity, there will be a conflict of ideals.

Ill-dignified, the Querent has a good chance of dropping the ball at a bad time. The Querent may be already balanced, and some new trouble comes to upset the scale and set the Querent a-hopping to save the situation. What the Querent is juggling is not equal, and the extra effort to keep the improper weight in movement comes at the cost of the proper weight’s momentum. It can also be read as being forced to a social event the Querent would rather not go to, but if the Querent refrains, the social cost would be greater than just clenching one’s teeth and bearing with the rubberized chicken on the charity plate.