2 of Cups

Two youths face each other. A young woman on the viewer’s left. A young man on the viewer’s right. They both hold large chalices, though the man is shown with his hand outstretched. The texts say he has just given her the chalice, but the posture could be taken as either giving or taking. She wears a leafy laurel, he wears a flower crown. Between the cups, starting just about his hand, begins the image of a caduceus. A vertical rod rises up, with two snakes spiraling about it in opposite directions for 3 complete turns. The head of the rod is topped by a large lion’s head, with a pair of wings stretching out from it. The youths are shown to be ignorant or indifferent to the visage. In the far low background is a tree topped hill, with what appears to be a house cresting it.

Where the Lovers is either about a choice of, or a union with, an ideal, the Two of Cups is more physical about the endeavor. I’ll leave the tittering vulgarity to less formal channels and just say this is where the action begins. Its presence does not guarantee that the Querent will have sex. (There. I said it. Stop giggling.) It is a card of intimacy, but only as far as those involved are willing to be intimate. It does not give the Querent permission to force a closer bond, physical, mental, or otherwise, upon the others in the relationship.

The card can refer to business contracts, where two companies work together with such a tight integration, they appear to be one corporation to those outside the office. In terms of job prospects, this card is a great encouragement and implies the employment seeker will become an asset as valued by the employer as the new employee values the position.

In all my readings with this card, the keyword of “collaboration” is common. You only get out as much as you put in. If the relationship is unbalanced, it will quickly fall apart and all involved will go their separate ways. Attempts to coerce the others will backfire. As such, when ill-dignified, this card is a warning to the Querent to examine the relationship inquired about and see if they are the one overinvested or if their expectations are too high.