10 of Pentacles

A busy and cluttered scene from inside a building within a walled keep or village. A large archway to the street is partially visible, with banners and the edge of a large tapestry along the left side of the card. In the archway, two people talk. One facing away from the viewer, holding a staff. The conversant is a woman, facing the first but viewable. She holds a child close to her side. But that child’s attention, and hand, is on one of the two hounds in the card’s foreground. The hounds, one standing, one sitting, are at the attention of a seated elderly man who is adorned in a very elaborate and rich cloak. Over this scene are ten large pentacles, arranged in a Tree of Life formation, and obscuring the warm village scene.

If the 10 of Cups are “Happily Ever After?” then the 10 of Pentacles is “The Golden Years”. All the hard work is in the past, and now the elderly figure rests in the riches gained by his labor. There is a completion and contentment. There is also release and relaxation. All that can be done, is done. All that you can do, is sit back, and enjoy the ride. The card infers to matters of family, personal involvement, and long-term relationships that are amicable and positive. Sometimes it refers to money, long-term investments, and a good return on those investments. It is a mundane version of the World card.

Ill-dignified, the card speaks of ill-gotten gains that will be taken once the fraud is discovered. It will also refer to sudden or catastrophic loss of goods or investment, or the loss and shattering of a close family or group of beloved friends. Sometimes the ill-dignified card will also warn of over reliance on wealth and material goods, and a spoiling of the soul because of it.